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Realtors! Help your clients prep their homes to expedite the sale!
Let Northfield Handyman will beyour vendor of first choice!

Real Estate Agents will our enjoy our one-stop shop to help expedite

their sale, or as and after-the- sale gift to great clients. Don’t let those

issues that turn off potential buyers get in the way, call us today to


help clear the way for a smooth closing!


A half or full day of our service can help clients sell their home faster,

reduce inspectional issues, and serve as a perfect house-warming gift

after a successful sale - one that will be remembered long after the

closing day. Everyone sends flowers, candy or chocolate, but who

actually provides much needed services to new buyers?

Everyone with a new home has a myriad of things that need to be

done, and usually have no time to do them! A truly unique, useful gift!


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