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Landlords! Do you need help with your Multifamily?
Northfield Handyman to the Rescue!

Owning property can be exciting and fun! You scout for months, find

an interesting property that cash flows and close the deal! You’re off

to the races!

However, One of the most challenging aspects of owning property is

finding reliable vendors to help keep your units rented and in good

shape, and keep tenants happy with timely repairs when things go

wrong! Most landlords don’t have reliable, dependable staff or

vendors to make repairs, maintain their properties.


We all know it’s almost always more than just a leaky sink. And

apartment turnovers require so many different skill sets, your

plumber will never paint a room or install new flooring while he’s


That’s where Northfield Handyman can help:

Apartment turnovers    Renovations






Window Installation

Door installation    

Apartment clean-outs

Apartment demo

Basement clean-outs    

Drywall repair    

Cabinets, vanities, mirrors


Roof Repair/Replacement

Deck Repairs/Installation

Stair repair/Installation

Masonry repair

Spray backsplashes/countertops

Spray tubs & surrounds

Not only do we provide handyman services, we also have the ability to perform work that require permits that is outside the skill set of most handymen. 

Give us a call today, and you’ll find our employees are skilled,

knowledgeable, and enjoyable to work with! Check out our 5-star reviews!

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